Accurate implementation
of motives

A special software converts your favorite design in original Swarovski crystals of different colors and sizes. All designs are customized and optimized before production.

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Fully automatic

We finish automatically surfaces with original Swarovski crystals for you. By mechanical processing high precision and consistent quality are guaranteed.

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production time

We provide short production times due to automated production. Even high circulation can be produced in a very short time and yet the highest quality.

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Brilliant possibilities
for your product

Store design, Interior or exhibition stand construction – Streisand offers individual solutions and enriches surfaces according to your requirements.

Your logo, branding or pattern – sparkling accents become eye catchers and ambassadors for your product and your brand.

Due to our high precision handling of miniature crystals and gemstones with a minimum diameter of 0,5mm and the accuracy of 0,05mm we create incomparable effects and magnificent radiance.

Wether ceramics, metals, plastics or glass – we can process and finish almost every plane material.

Our competitve advantage – your opportunity

What can Streisand do for you? We transform your brand into a sparkling experience.
We create a luminous luxury world for your interior design. This is what we stand for:

Entirely new, patented procedure of setting crystals and gemstones while integrating the surface of the base material.

Due to processing of the smallest Swarovski flat back crystals available, also delicate patterns can be easily implemented.

No glue residuals compared to conventional manual methods.

Considerably faster and more precise results compared to conventional manual methods.

Very good resistance of crystals due to the application of industrial glue with a shear strength of up to 26MPa (for maximum shear strength, 5 minute hardening at 150°C is required – optional 10 minutes at 90°C).

Due to the software-based process every logo or pattern can be implemented according to your requirements.

Who we are – About us

Streisand – we are the manufactory for high precision processing of miniature crystal and fine gemstones.

Streisand was born out of the idea to finish materials in an entirely new way. In fact, our approach starts where manual precision reaches its limitation. By means of our technical background and throughout a multi-year process we have developed this innovative technique where we implement graphics and patterns software-based into crystal mosaics. Due to our high operating speed we can deliver large quantities with excellent quality.

Streisand emerged out of Kosatec enterprise and the Streiff group who have dealt with high end packaging for more than 100 years, offering services in various divisions: Not only design and production of packaging, but also logistics and supply chain services.


Streisand Luxury GmbH
Carl-Miele-Straße 3
38112 Braunschweig

+49 (0)531 235 44 9010

Please approach us with your requirements if you are interested in samples. Our application spectrum is almost unlimited!

We are looking forward to hear from you!